FLL team Dgital needs your help for Houston!

Hello everyone!

I am a mentor of FLL Challenge team Dgital from Tel-Aviv, Israel and we need your help towards the Houston Championship!

We are looking for teams that can lend us equipment we can’t bring with us overseas.

We would really appreciate any of these things, anything helps!

•A pit structure (10x10) that can hold a pit sign and decorations
•Shelving units
•3 tier rolling cart (for holding robot & attachments)
•EV3 battery chargers with a USA plug

Dgital is mentored by students and alumni of FRC team D-Bug #3316. They are 6 students aged 12-15 and won the 1st place Champions Award and 3rd place Robot Performance at the Israeli Championship!

Thank you!


Checking… Last year we loaned our entire pit to FRC team 1577 from Israel and they ended up #2 on the planet :wink:

I’ll see if we can connect you to a local FLL team; we don’t have a structure, shelves, or battery chargers that match your stuff. We use a “super pit” for our supplies, work surface, and branding.


Thank you!

We can provide EV3 battery chargers. If you are still looking for them, send me an email, and I’ll have them delivered to your pit.

Thank you,

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Thank you so much!