FLL Volunteer Criteria/Descriptions Document

Hey all-

Many FRC teams host their very own FLL Qualifiers every year and struggle with getting the best volunteers for the best task at the event!

Unlike FRC, where there is a very clear definition for every volunteer role, FLL events are little looser and vary by event. Many people who want to volunteer don’t know what to sign up for since they don’t know exactly what they’d be doing.

For the FLL Qualifier 3476 and 5199 host every year (Bots at the Beach), I’ve created a short FLL Volunteer role description and criteria document that I use at my events.

Note that these are not all official roles or criteria mandated by FIRST or other events, but rather mandated by our teams in order to create the most successful event possible.
Feel free to edit it to best fit your needs!

Thanks! :slight_smile: