"Floating" Bumper Segment

The current design of our robot includes a bumper segment that is not attached to a corner (see image). This is to provide clearance for a mechanism when extended while keeping most of the bumper to align game pieces to an intake. The floating segment, as well as the corner pieces on that side, are >6 in, and all of the bumpers are fully backed by the robot frame. I’ve read through the bumper rules multiple times and I don’t see anything that would disallow this, but I’ve never seen it done before and I just want to make sure.

This should be fine by my reading of the rules. I’ve only been a robot inspector for one year, so I could easily be overruled by someone with more experience, but I believe the only requirements around frame perimeter is to cover >6" of all corners, which it looks like you have covered.


This is allowed by the rules as I’ve read them. You should be fine as long as the robot frame is behind the “floating” piece.

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It’s been done multiple times in the pnw before (not adding to the legality part of the conversation, I’m sorry, but I just wanted to share):


Agreed. Since the top section of bumper is legal (R401), any “floating” bumper piece should be legal as long as it complies with R410

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The concept is legal. It needs to be rigidly attached to the robot. I would not refer to as floating since it should not move relative to the robot.

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Great photo, perfectly illustrates the point!

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