Floating Goals?

im looking over some field blueprints… and a question came into my mind.

Are any of the field elements secured down?

Knowing the nature of the fields, i dont see how this would be possible. The goals themselves appear to be lightweight aluminum framing. making them quite easy to move on carpet.

and, if they are not… is it legal to move them?


Moving the field elements result in penalties. I believe they are velcro’ed to the carpet.

looking at the blueprints, it says the center goal is secured… clearly shown in the picture as being secured to a metal base

but the other field elements dont seem to be fastened, and just floating.

where did you read about the penalties?


The goals are definately velcro’d to the carpet…as well as all the other flat plastic triangles al about the fields. (under the goals, and near the ball entry poiints)


ah, alright. Thanks!

I’d like to clarify a little. Using the keywords “velcro,” which is used to secure the center goal, and “move,” I searched through “The Arena,” “The Game,” and “The Robot.” However, I found only the following:

“The entire Central Goal is secured to a base that is fixed to the
Playing Field carpet with Velcro to prevent movement.”

Personally, I think that FIRST will let you do as you like with all the goals other than the center one. I could not find any rule preventing you from moving the other goals or penalties associated with moving them. If you are still skeptical, then you can always check the rules with FIRST through TIMS.

This would make for some certainly interesting rows to get 10 pt bonus…I’ve never seen a row in the shape of a ‘S’. If they were intended to move there wouldn’t be many rows made now would there? The aren’t supposed to move…

in the rule book there is only 8 ways to score for rows and that is it if the goals could be moved they would have stated that there were more then 8 ways to make a row, also they would have told us that the goals could be moved because that would add a whole new element to the game.

You’d have to have a pretty strong robot to move these goals considering you can only push them:

<G20>Robots may push or react against any elements of the field, provided there is no damage or disruption of the field elements. Robots may not grab, grasp, grapple, or attach to the goals or any other field structure. Robots may not extend under, lift up or tip over a goal.

well ive never seen an S shape with only 3 pieces either. in my mind you can only get a line or a V shape with 3 pieces :stuck_out_tongue:

and well since these are tetrahedrals they shouldnt be easy to tip either

That’s an interesting point. FIRST specifically mentiond that the center goal is secured with velcro, yes it is not mentioned that the other smaller goals are attached in any manner. I would not be surprised however if that’s one of the first issues addressed in an update.

at my kickoff one of the gameplay seminar speakers aswered that exact question. He said that all the goals are velcro’d down and cant be moved. also it would be hard to move them because they must be about twice the weight of the small ones which is 9 pounds. i doubt any conventional robot that we could build could do that.

some bots from last year had alot of pushing power, think of team 25 they could push almost anyteam out there once they got a lil bit of moementium behind them.

Pushing power and momentum are two different things.

And regardless of how well secured they are to the floor, teams will be capable of moving them. Happened last year with the platforms more than a few times. Don’t do it though… you want penalties even less than in previous years… there’s going to be A LOT of teams that lose matches because of dumb penalties.

All goals are secured to the floor, trust me, I tried moving them. :slight_smile:

Look at it this way, even if they wernt secured, and it only talks about the center goal, whats in the spirit of the rules? Even if you dont get a penalty for moving them in the rulebook, a ref might give you one any way cus you broke the spirit of the rule.