Flooding your opponents player station with Power Cells

One of the rules in the game manual states that:

Well, robots may carry 5 Power Cells at once and 3 robots would mean you could score 15 power cells in one run. Would it be a good idea to maybe have all 3 robots throw 15 power cells in at the same time if the opposing alliance has some power cells in their Loading Bay rack causing your opponents to get a penalty? I realize that this would be hard to pull off since there are only 30 power cells on the field, but if you get in the right situation, would you consider doing this?

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Some discussion on this topic already.


You wouldn’t necessarily cause your opponents to get a penalty, in the no balls over 15 rule it says as long as the refs think the team is making a good effort to get rid of the balls they wont get a penalty, however it would force them to drop balls that maybe you can pick up. Theres another big thread on this called stage 3 rp hack IIRC


I think that this could be a good strategy, but being able to coordinate that would require significant time in the match probably significantly lowering cycle time.

Yeah, I definitely agree with this.

Fair enough. Thanks for answering my question.

Another thing is, you can’t go into the opponent’s loading zone triangle without serious risks of penalties. There will end up being good defense to measure with robots shooting and gathering balls.