Floor intake for hatch panels?

How important do you think it will be for teams to pick up hatch panels from the floor? Unlike the gears from 2017, the hatch panels can’t be entered into the field on the floor, so the only way they would be on the floor is if a team drops it or it falls off a hatch. Is it worth having a floor intake?

It will be very important at high level matches I think but at most regionals the difference between a ground pickup and no ground pickup is negligible.

Assuming that you aren’t dropping many panels, you shouldn’t really need a floor intake. My understanding was that the only way to get hatch panels was from the human player, and that the mechanism that drops them keeps the panel vertical for the robot to pick up.

Correct me if I’m wrong on this anybody, but it looks like each side gets 24 hatch panels.
There are only 20 total hatch openings so stealing hatches as a strategy does not seem really strong to me.

Maybe if you drop one right at the hatch and don’t want to go back to the loading station. If you’re looking at picking one up as a defender it will have to pick up from under the bot instead of front like what the loading stations use.

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Patch Panels will end up on floor most likely so floor pickup like with gears would be valuable for both reduced cycle time and possible starvation. Panels in essence are required for all cargo scoring

Remember that you can’t extend beyond your frame perimeter in the opposing alliance’s area, so defensive floor pickup cannot use any mechanism extending beyond your frame perimeter. I think.

Correct however internal pickups have no such restriction

I would say that It will be very important in early weeks qualification rounds. I remember in 2017 when many bots that focused on gears dropped them and many teams had no way of picking them up to score even if they are inches away from the peg.

I haven’t checked the size of the hatches at all but it seems difficult to pick them up internally due to how large they are, no?

19" toroids (hatch panels)

hatches are 13 inches in diameter with a 6 inch diameter hole in the middle. I think. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Okay then that’s possible lol

19" outside diameter

Thanks - I know something has a 13 inch diameter though . . . is it the cargo?

Yes the cargo is 13"

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