Florida Champs!!!!!

Unbelieveable…the team with a broken transmission for most of the 10 QP matches, (Team 108) gets picked in the first round by 212.

That #6 seeded alliance (212,108,168) goes on to win the FLORIDA REGIONAL!!!

How on earth did this alliance get past 312, 267, and 710?


:cool: :cool:

Congrats on the win. Kinda horrid that you guys didn’t get to go against 6, 417 and 762 (1st over all) That would of been so much better in my opinion. Cause the only thing th screwed 762 is driver didn’t wanna get off top of the ramp, otherwise they would advanced, and honestly, I think that woulda been a cooler match…heh

Congrats to the florida champs! See ya at Nationals :slight_smile:

I certainly would have liked to see them not get by us, but hey, who am i to change the past? We had some miscommunications and they played it very well, 212 kept us off the ramp and kept themselves on, that match and the final were definitely very close and i would like to thank our alliances (312,267) and congratulate everyone else, Of course, if you guys wouldve let us win we could be going to nationals, but now we just have to get one of those open spots that tend to appear occasionally. If we do not make it, good luck to all and congratulations to 212,108, and 168.

Overall I thought UCF was a good regional, even tho we were dissapointed in our ending performance… ( some complications with the heatwave bot ) This is the farthest team 710 has ever come and couldn’t be happier, now mayb we will get picked off the waiting list at nats… :frowning: I certainly hope our season isn’t over

Congrats to the winning alliance you guys played hard and won big.

Great job guys! it wasd def a match against us. I congradulate you. At least we can say we lost to the champs :wink: I HOPE to see everyone at nationals God willing we get a spot

Congrats and a special thank you to teams 108 and 168 for THE best alliance. We truly worked wonderful together. I am a alumni of 212, and watched the whole thing on NASA tv, and was just as excited as being there. I wish I was actually there.

Once again CONGRATS. And the BEST of luck at Nats!

Definatley. Though I didn’t get to watch all of the finals, had to pack the bot and such, it was very awesome to watch you all in normal comp. Over all PAW did very well, and you guys were very professional about it (not blamming it on team mates and such) So it was pretty fun to cheer you all on, when you weren’t competing against us or our mentors and such, but overall, I loved the bot.

Thanks that means alot. IF you look at it i mean you get delt a hand of cards you gotta play them. So i mean blaming people isnt something that like will help in the long wrong. If you have a bad match you move on. Well i just got home and really wish this compettion was still ogint on i miss being in between the team unity and meetin gother teams but hopefully now we can go to nationals


From getting flipped on or side and running into the wall on thursday, to being in 3rd seed with a completly messed up transmission, to losing i believe 6 straight matches on fri and saturday. Not even coming out for our last match, we had decided that if any one selected us we would decline. At the last second our mech. engineer said we only need one hour. 3 hours later we are the champs:) .

Thanks to team 212 for picking us and team 168 for completing the amazing alliance. Hope to see you guys at nationals.

As Driver for team 108 I would like to thank team 180 for trying to help us with our transmission, and team 654 for lending us their battery for finals, our SOAP team for coming up with the winning strategy, and of course team 212 for picking us and team 168 for being a great alliance partner. All of our opponents were awesome and great sports. I hope to see all of them at nationals.

We hope to be there crosses fingers

congrads 108! you guys where awesome. WE had are first match with you and scored in the 100’s and it was good to see you guys all the way. and thanks for the video feed in the pits

We scored 190 to be exact, which was our team’s 3rd highest score. If any of you go to taravella (most of the ones i talked to go to dillard) I live right a couple blocks down, but my parents felt like coughing up the large sums of money to send me to a private school that i will be glad to leave. And way to represent for South Florida and beat those Northern folks.

All of the finals matches were so much fun to watch, thanks to all the teams out there for making for a GREAT competition. Good luck to all the teams for nationals and other regionals.

Florida always has a lot of good teams and compeition. In my opinion everyone there was impressive in some way, even the rookie teams were amazing…

I would however like to congratulate all the top teams, in the finals its not only about your robot its about stratagy. Many of the teams who arranged matches seemed to be lacking some of the defensive skills needed in the finals when you have to work on your own, but either way the robots and team spirit were impressive

Team spirit, if I recall didn’t you guys get that award or was it Think Pink, I forget. Heh.

But yes, the Robots were great, but that means nothing without stragedy. When 945 and 1083 (us and University) went up agianst Think Pink and their partners, we used stragedy to throw off the auto on their robot (whcih workjed good for us, cause it work) and we still got our stacking done, thanks to University. Most of the game in stragedy, which was demonstrated in the finals, when the one team went under the bar to push the boxes back into their scoring zone, i believe they won that one, mad props to whatever team that was.

And thanks to the one person on ComBBAT who helped me in looking for a motor, it was appreciated :slight_smile: No wonder you all got GP

yeah we got spirit.
yeah i think i remeber that match, its about the stratagy and driver skills…you guys seemed to have both
glad we could be of service with the motor

Yea, poor him, he went aroudn with me for like 10 minutes lookin’ for ya all’s mentors, switching form this one to that one, then it turned out they didn’t even need it, it was for 665. Man, I felt so bad, but he was in good spirit about it all, so it was cool jsut to talk to him. Thanks.

hey how about when we went up against 233 are other alliance partner blew there transmisson, so it was basically just us and we had to fight them to get there stack, and we fought for like 30-45 seconds and finally got it. I liked it so much cause i could hear everyone cheering it just was intense and fun. i was the arm driver on that match