Florida Institute of Technology

I was talking to my guidance counselor about colleges, and after I listed what I was looking at (Olin, Caltech, MIT, Cornell, CMU, RIT, WPI) she came up with a suggestion that kind of caught me off guard, Florida Tech.

She told me a story of an old student of hers who’s father was a Dean at Yale. He scoffed at the thought of FIT, but after going to visit the campus he loved it. She says it has a project-based curriculum (similar to Olin) plus a large majority of students get internships at NASA.

Does anybody go to FIT and/or have any opinions on it? With its beautiful location and (from what she says) great education I think its definitely up there in my choice list.

EDIT: Major would be CS.

Yea, my dad had friends that went there and came out of it really well off in the defense contracting world. Supposedly it’s a great school to go to if you’re really interested in engineering. Florida State University also has an amazing engineering program (both parents were alumni from there).

I have a friend who goes to FIT she loves it, I have never been to campus my self but all of her pictures look amazing. I don’t know what your major will be but they have a very good aerospace engr program. They also work very closly with NASA.

Just curious but why isn’t RPI on your list? None of the usual reasons (not in a great city, too far north, not MIT) seem to fit with your other choices, anyway I was just curious.


Edit (just saw Mikes Edit)

I don’t know much about their comp sci program(at FIT) but I can ask my friend about it.

My dad went to Rennselaer@Hartford. I’ve never really looked at RPI, although from what I hear it is a good school. I’ll definitely look into it.

My top choice is Olin due to the lack of tuition. Caltech is secondary because of its beautiful location, coupled with the MIT quality education. MIT follows in third because of the snow. I hate snow.

I’ve only really researched New England schools. I’d love to go to a good school in a warm location (hence my interest in Caltech/FIT).

Thanks for the help

I am a student at FIT majoring in ocean engineering. The campus is beautiful with what we call the jungle in it (a natural area park with lots of palms and a creek) Our students are from all over the world and makes learning a bit more fun becuase your also learning about other cultures if you want. I took C++ without any programing experience except some html and i understood and felt comfortable with the material. Anyway… have you been given any information on the school becuase there is alot that can be mailed to you. (I have friends in admissions that would be more than happy to help) Also I have some friends in the cs depatment if you have any department specific questions. its esier to e mail me a ALM179@gmail.com with anything like that. (I check my email more often that delphi for school) p.s. the 10k /yr for robotics doesnt hurt either.

Let me know if I can help anymore.