Florida Kickoff Help

Teams in Orlando Florida:

I recently found out that my family is going to vacation in Orlando Florida again this year; however with the later date for kickoff this year I will have to miss it with my team. My older brother, FRC 1058 mentor, and myself, FRC 1519 student, were wondering if any teams in the Orlando area wouldn’t mind allowing us to watch the kickoff with your team and have a chance to view the kit of parts. We do not have the ability to watch video online at our hotel as they have a very basic package which makes streaming video impossible, and we would like to have the chance to see the new items in the kit so we can spend some time designing on vacation.


there’s lots of teams in the orlando area,

but my team is about 50 minutes outside of orlando, so we probably are not the best choice.

but I know that there are alot of really nice teams out there, 1902(exploding bacon) is a ***very ***cool team, they might be able to help you guys!

good luck.

Brendan, It’s Christmas time. I am sure Wendy will get on here at some point of time but if you would like send her a PM. Her CD name is Wendymom, good luck.


You and your family are more than welcome to join Exploding Bacon for kick-off. We just need a head count for lunch. We will start around 10:30 and run all day. Stay for as long as you want.

PM me for details…

Yah, that is why we are going!:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks wendy!

There is the kickoff event at the DeVry University Campus in Orlando. I would call in advance to see if they have any room, (their cafeteria is usually tight for the kickoff event. and they have overflow classrooms).

Here’s the address
DeVry University
4000 Millenia Boulevard
Orlando, FL 32839

and contact information
[email protected] or 407-226-6483

The campus is about seven minutes away form universal/I-Drive and about 15-20 minutes away from Disney.

I heard that it was full online, figured it would be this late in the season.

DeVry offers a great location where many teams get together to see the kickoff, and 1902 will be sending some representatives to attend this event as well as pick up our KOP.

To avoid overcrowding their facilities, the rest of our team will be watching the event at a separate location, I will PM you the directions in case this has not been done already.

Looking forward to meeting you and your family!

Brendan!!! Jimmy hasn’t told me tis yet!!! oh no!!!

Sorry Brendan!:o

He left for Saint Louis on the 26th. He was really disappointed when I told him that our Christmas present was interfering with kickoff. He left the house and told me to find somewhere where we could see the kickoff and kit of parts. But I would have thought that he would have told you as my mom and I are under the impression that he is in contact more with you guys that with his own family!:stuck_out_tongue: