Florida offseason event, Mission Mayhem

I have been asked many times in the past few months if Florida’s Mayhem will be back again or not. I am proud to say that we will be returning this year once again with:

Mission Mayhem

The offseason competition is going to be hosted at DeVry University (Miramar, Florida) on June [strike]2nd and 3rd[/strike] 9th and 10th, 2006 (fri and sat). We will have a lot of workshops, FLL, and VEX. The social for the event will be on Friday evening.

The registration fee for the event is $250.

As I get together with the committee and get updates about …

- Website
- Team Social
- Hotel information
- Agenda

… I will come back in this thread and update all the teams.

We would like to invite all the teams in FIRST to come join us. Please contact me for more information at [email protected]

I also can be reached with aim (mechman108) or googletalk or my number (please pm).

… I look forward to work with all of you and see what we have got to offer to the students.

Very nice. Congratulations Arefin and his gang.

108 will be there for sure, I’ll get whomever you need to help out!
Go Arefin!
I’m looking forward to another great Mayhem!

cause were Gangsta’s!

I was taking serious thought into using a free airline ticket to fly down to my aunts and go to this…but…my SAT’s are on the 3rd…grrrr…maybe next year.

you know that **PINK ** will be there.

thats my prom and graduation weekend :cool:

I’ll be there for sure. 1390 most likely again… and I’ll work on raising the money for 1604 to get there as well. We’ll talk later. No getting hit in the head with lexan this time, okay?

1345 is there. As am I. BRING IT!

Good luck with this event to the Florida FIRST crew down south. I’m sure it’ll be fun but I won’t be around to see it.

Let the games once again begin :slight_smile:

I’ll help out! But, not at MODS this year? Why?

FIRST Field + Outside + Storm + Water + Robots = Dangerous.

Lets see…

this time it is…

FIRST field + Outside + HUGE tent + some water + Robots = MAYHEM.

huricane + lexan + barry = barry getting hit in the face with a piece of lexan that got blown by a gust. Hows that for ebaumsworld

It’s being held outside again?


Round 2.

alright … lets get back on the topic.

Lets work together to get this Mayhem as many teams as possible. Tell your team mates. Tell the teams in the area. Get others involved.

… I will update everyone as soon as the committee figures out everything… where we are putting the field, what we are doing both days, what workshops we are going to have, how many volunteers we would need etc.

Wow… congratulations Arefin for getting this started once again. I am sure it will be a huge success this year, as it was last year. The addition of the workshops should be nice. If there is anything I can do to help you this year, don’t hesitate to ask (I really enjoyed doing the T-shirt design last year). I am definitely willing to provide any materials you might like for the FLL workshops… over the years I have done many presentations and lessons and if you need any advice at all, I am always here.

Now, lets see if I can convince my team to miss a bunch of school so that we can come down. :slight_smile:

Well well well…

It seems that June 2nd and 3rd dont exactly work out too well with my two teams. Both of my teams will still be in school friday. Even worse most of the people who could come will be taking the SAT’s on the 3rd, as some other people in this same post have stated as reasons why they cant come.

Thats right Tytus were Ganstas’ lol 1251 crew reporting for duty. We will of course be bringing t21V.3 to defend our mayhem title. Rd 2 indeed :wink:


Sounds like fun. I’ll be there.