Florida Regional Short Article.

I was reading “The Journal of Osceola County Business” and I came across an article, “Robotics Competition”, long and behold and article about FIRST.

I searched for the article on line but It’s not currently up there. But once it is on line, I will update the thread.

Here’s is the article as it appeared in the paper.

Robotics Competition
Disney cast members from a variety of disciplines helped sponsor and mentor local Florida high school students in the FIRST Robotics Regional Competition earlier this month at the University of Central Florida.
Walt Disney World Co. has sponsored the Central Florida Regionals since the beginning, and the competition is designed to inspire young people in the fields of engineering and science.
The competition stages short games played by remote control robots that are created by the students and engineers-mentors. Disney’s involvement spans over a decade with Greg Hale, chief safety officer and vice president off Safety Accessibility and Advanced Technology, serving on the FIRST Advisory Board, ad well as participant ion from many Disney volunteers in Florida and California.

You can see a scanned version of the article that I put together Here

That looks like it was at an offseason competiton, and from the looks of the robot, I don’t recall what year. It kind of looks like the base of 1402 from last year.

It’s definately awesome to be part of the Disney alliance, the sponsor alot of teams around this area. Good job to 1402 and 1604 for making the paper and Michelle for sharing the information with the community. You guys rock. =]

thats 1604’s ‘pre-rookie’ bot that they used to compete in the 2004 robot rodeo. i believe it was 1402’s practice bot.

Thanks. =] I should pay more attention to what robots belong to what teams.

That was back in october of 2004. That was before 1604 had a team number. Thanks for posting, I’ll have to get a paper copy of it.