Florida WFA

Congrats to Scott Ritchie from Cyber Blue 234 for winning the Regional WFA at the Florida regional!! After 7 years of all your hard work, you finally get some much needed recognition for it. You rock, Cow Man!

Congratulations Scott! What a great honor from a great team.

Congrats Scott. It was very nice to meet the man who I heard about a lot. Right after meeting you (after 4 hours) you were announced the WFA for Florida. Thanks for everything that you have done for FIRST.

you’re a pimp Scott…strait pimp.

Great Scott!!

Congratulations! :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats, Scott!!! :smiley:

VERY well deserved Scott.

CONGRADS!!! i was extremely excited to hear you go this award…you deserve it soo much…congrads again!! :slight_smile:

I have to second that… :]

Congratulations Scott!
You are most deserving.
On behalf of everyone at 447, “You Rock”.

Wow! That is AWESOME!
It is GREAT news.

Congratulations Scott!
You da man,

Thanks to everybody for the kind words. I was truly shocked when it was announced. I was sitting up in the top of the stands about as high as you can get when it was announced. I was somewhat pouting over our poor showing for the day with the robot, for those that know me I can get kind of charged during matches. When Woody said stuff that sounded familiar to our team I thought Chris Fultz had won it since I told the kids in charge of this to nominate him. It was a great experience. Thanks goes out to a great group of students, teachers and engineers that put forth the nomination. :o

We love you scott :smiley:

Scott - Congrats on winning this great award. You really do deserve it for all the time and energy you have put into this team. Everyone… look for Scott at Purdue and Nationals :]