FLR Elimination match videos

Does anyone have video of the Finger Lakes Regional elimination matches? I am dying to rewatch them! Seems like TBA is down right now.


Hey Anth,

This is the webcast operator for FLR '24, We unfortunatly have had connection issues the past couple days uploading our event data information to FIRST’s HQ servers(and so have other comps). Thus, at the same time the video information for FLR has been sent over to FIRST(and all 12 hours have been recorded and saved locally on the webcast roadcase) and is awaiting posting. So unfortunatly I cant provide a timeline as to when they will be posted.

As for TBA, they are down when FIRST’s servers are down and will likely resume normal operations once all data has been posted. If you look on the frc events page on firsts website, it still shows FLR on the quals.

Hope that helps!