FLR Thanks/Congrats

-Congrats to all teams first of all on another great FLR.

-Congrats to the FLR Planning committee on a job well done and a great team social

  • Thank you 1126 for your continued gracious professionalism, I love working with your team and wish you guys the best of luck in your upcoming competitions, can’t wait to see you at nats. You guys rock!

  • I would like to thank MOE 365 for coming to FLR this season. it was awesome to see your team’s great robots and be able to talk with the great students and mentors on your team. I hope you guys can make it back every year. Good luck and I hope to see you at Championship. 340 will be pulling for you guys to win the national chairman’s award. You guys are most deserving. (clapping sequence) GO MOE!

  • Thank you to 1518 and 354 for being awesome alliance partners. Bringing the number eight alliance to the finals was awesome. I hope that both teams will be back at FLR next year. Good luck in your future competitions.

  • Congrats to 1713,1450 and 250. It was awesome playing against you guys in an amazing final round. You all displayed great sportsmanship and are very deserving of the regional championship. Good luck and well see you at nats.

  • Congrats also to team 73, you guys had some tough obsticals with your robot but worked hard and got through it. I love your team and hope you guys can come work with us at Churchville next year.

  • I got to work with team 768 for the first time and it was awesome. you guys are a great team, all of your students and mentors were so nice and I hope that we see you guys at Nats and hopefully back at FLR next year.

  • Congrats also to team 2228, The rookies brought a great robot to FLR and 340 hopes you can find a way to nationals because you definitely deserve to be there. If not we are already looking forward to seeing what you guys bring to FLR next year.

  • Congratulations to Dr. Edward Hensel of Team 578, a most deserving winner of the Woodie Flowers award, you and your team should be proud.

  • Congrats to all teams that won awards

  • A sincere congratulations to Team 1511 Rolling Thunder for their Chairman’s award. I would like to wish you guys the best of luck at championship and 340 will be sure to put in a good word for you. Good Luck at your next regionals!

I’m sure FLR will represent well at Championship, hope to see everyone there.

Yeah. What he said. ^^ :]

May i say, probably the best FLR yet…?

Personally I’m partial to 2005.:wink:

All teams were so awesome.

Teams 340 and 1518, thank you so much. The greatest alliance partners us Pirates, could have ever wished for. It was meant to be! Look->
Pirates - Raiders - GRR

1518’s logo looked like a Pirates and Pirates and Raiders say GRR and argh!


I too couldn’t have asked for a better alliance. The teamwork through matches was phenominal, and it felt great to be the 8 seed and go on to the finals. Working with 1518 and 354 was certainly the most fun I’ve ever had at a FIRST competition. You guys were amazing.

thank you for you gracious professionalism as well!!! i love working with your team as well and just enjoy being around your team. i look forward to working with you guys over and over again…so much so that i got me a shirt…which im wearing now…see you guys at nats or before!!! hopefully we can work together on some projects. i know that my dad n i were talking to rees about possibly collaborating on the Habitat for Humanity…now that would be fun!!!

I want in too!

Congrats all the teams who came, participated, completed a robot and got to have fun!

now i have to say one thing, no more pictures of me and my tube. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aww, but that tube was just too cool not to post.

i don’t see it any where. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s only a matter of time…

looks around anyone have it?

I would just like to say thank you to all the volunteers and RIT for doing a great job to make this regional possible. I would also like to thank all the teams that came because this regional would not have been possible without all the teams there. I would also like to say thanks to team 340 and 424 for all there gracious professionalism and for being such a great team to work with. You guys are truly an awsome team and hopefully we can do more things together. Also I would like to say great job to all the Xerox teams!

oh yes.

'05 - X-Cats
'06 - SparX
'07 - XQ Robotix

Well, xerox is having a blast at FLR and i wonder which xerox team will win next year? :stuck_out_tongue:

WHo’s house?
X’s HOUSE!!!

Congrats to all teams who came. This year was a blast with everyone. Big Congrats to 1511 on Chairmen’s, its has so far been amazing working with you and just hanging out with all of you at alot of the events in Rochester. A big thanks to 340 for helping with uor electronics when we saw some “sparks”. Congrats to 2228, your rookie year was inspiring with how far you got.

Big congrats to 1930’s Imagery Award! You all really deserve it and I am honored I was able to help your team this year. The question is…what’s next year’s story?

Thanks to those who thanked myself and the other volunteers who had to slave over the air pumps to fill ringers with air and patch them up. We all really needed the boost of encuragement.

Congrats to 2228. I hope you become a huge force in FIRST and FLR. You must have had the biggest crowd there.

Thanks to MOE for joining us this year. Hopefully you come back and your fame will bring other teams to the greatest of all regionals.

Congrats and thanks to RIT’s Presient Simone and his wife. We are all going to miss you and your hard work for FIRST.

Congrats to all teams of FLR for making a tube with 25 holes in it. I have it patched up and it still works like new! haha.

Thanks to all the great competitors at FLR. Also, a huge thanks to all the volunteers. This is a terrific event.

MOE 365 would especially like to thanks our alliance partners, 191 and 2228. Our run was short, but we had quite a rockin’ cheer going before that first QF match! :smiley:

Congrats to all teams!

Thanks to everyone for the congrats. I would thank everyone that helped us get there and continue to function once we got there, but I believe I would end up just listing every team there. So Thank You to every team at FLR, it was a fantasic experience and assured Team 2228’s continuence for many, many years to come.

365, 191, we couldn’t be more thrilled to be on your alliance. You could probably tell from the way our stands exploded when you said the third ‘2’. It’s a shame that we missed a screw in the hasty rebuild of our lifter thus losing us that second round…

Well, we at 2228 hope to see you all in Atlanta. We plan on making some changes to our bot on April 12th so don’t be surprised if we look a little different :slight_smile:

btw, has anyone else heard rumors of a fourth Xerox team?

There already is one in Oregon.
Team 1425 Wilsonville Robotics.

I would like to thank and congratualte our partners 2228 (hope to see you in Atlanta) and 365 (hope you guys come back again) for their terrific efforts and their just rewards.
Congrats to 1511 for their Chairmans breakthrough and to team 340 for the Engineering Inspiration. You both are leaders in the Rochester FIRST community.
Congratualtions to team 1518, 340 and 354 on their valiant journey through the tournament brackets to the finals. It was a brillaint run.
And lastly congrats to 1713, 250 ( glad to see you guys got your hands on some gold. Silver is nice but it aint gold) and finally I am sooooo pleased to see XQ break through and get not only their first regional win but their first award of any kind ever. WHat a way to go. May this be the first of many guys.

Man - this was my first regional participating with a team and it was truly a great experience that I won’t forget for some time.

Thanks to 365 and 191 for picking us to your alliance, I was close to shaking on that last pick. It was way too bad we got knocked out first round - I feel really bad that our lift worked all day and then when it came to that round our hasty rebuild cost us. RED-AL-I-ANCE!

Thanks to 191 for loaning us the USB Chicklet when we thought ours was broken. Add that to the spares list (somehow we managed to overlook that).

Thanks to 365 for all your support throughout the regional and beyond. It really takes some class todo what you did. Your hospitality was shown on the first day when both our teams were waiting in the foyer, and your mentors came and talked with us. By the way - your MOE award is DuPont synthetic right?

Thanks to 639 for giving us the bimba cylinder. Everyone was surprised when the thing seized, and we couldn’t find our backup one.

Thanks to 174, 229, 191, and 365 for all the team awards. They were really appreciated and are right next to our trophies.

Congrats to 250, 1713, and 1450 for the win, you guys did a great job and played hard all the way through.

A very special Congrats and Thanks to 1511. Much grats on your chairman award, it was well deserved. Also, many thanks for helping us get our program off the ground with your support.

Finally, thanks to everyone that has helped make CougarTech’s rookie year an amazing one. My highlight from the season was when we went down for the awards. At first I wasn’t making a big deal about winning the rookie awards, but after I started walking towards everyone, I realized even more that although we were “defaulted” the awards, that they still meant a lot. Having nearly everyone standing up and clapping and MOE and Xcats leading the cheer that they told us about, it was a great time.

Thankfully we will see some of you at finals this year, and I can’t wait.

YAY! GO ERROR CODE! 1425!:cool: