the game was slow but the finish was amazing

Did anyone watch the game with the same enthusiasm i did…anybody dissapointed by how long it took the flyers to get their skates under them…

hmmm, GO SENS GO!

and yes I watched the game…Can’t say I like either team tho…But obviosly im rooting for the canadian team…

While I’m at it…YAH CANUCKS!!!

as well (my REAL fav): GO LEAFS GO!!!

Originally posted by purplehaze357
anybody disappointed by how long it took the flyers to get their skates under them

The Flyer just do that sometimes (like November), but they turn it around when they need it (January). I think they are going to be cold for the first round (Harrison said Flyers in 6 which sounds reasonable), but they will be great in the following rounds.:slight_smile: One thing is consistent: They are a great 2nd & 3rd period team.

They are a great 2nd & 3rd period team.

yes they are

they lost last nite :mad:

hmmmm, the Sens are playing better now than I expected from them.

If they keep this up I would say they have a legitimate chance of winning…

hmm…the sens are never going to become victorous over the flyers…please…the flyers just had a bad game thats all…wait till game 3 buddy-o :slight_smile:

In game 1 the Sens were the better team and the flyers got a lucky goal in OT…

In game 2 the sens were agin the better team, and it showed.

I wouldn’t count them out.

the sens are faster than the flyers…ill give’em that…

the flyers are consistent…then sens arent…so dont count them out…btw we have a better goalie

In the first game the Sens outplayed the Flyers but they lost b/c Cech saved the Flyers.
In the second game the Flyers outplayed the Sens but lost b/c some Sens defense man (can’t remember name) batted Rech’s shot away on the goalline. After taking the lead on a 4-3 PP goal, the Sens could play the hockey equivalent of the prevent defense.
We will just have to watch what goes down tomorrow in Ottawa. Why are all Philly teams road warriors? Are our fans really THAT bad?

the flyers will easily take it

I dunno…and now Roman is iffy with a bad ankle…

If Cech doesn’t play, Boucher might just go on another shutout streak. You never know when he is going to get one of those.

Whats that? Did someone say Ottawa just won?

Well, THEY DID!!!