Flying in

Hi all,

As we all know St. Louis is just two days away (SCREAMS), my team and i, 2102, are flying in tomorrow. I’ve seen a lot of posts regarding bad weather etc, and I just wanted to know what im getting myself into as far as flying in on a plane.

Oh, it won’t be that bad. I once had to pick my sister up from the airport in a blizzard - literally driving there doing 10mph on the highway in the one and only cleared lane, with my head out the window because my wipers and defrost couldn’t keep up with the accumulation on the windshield. And her flight landed just fine!

They keep a good eye on the weather and keep planes away if it’s going to be too dangerous.

You plane will be diverted to Houston, where you can wait there until next year’s champs.

oh joy

Luckily–there are no trailer parks near the EJ Dome.

Welllll, they wont have a bot for next years champs if they just wait there … riiight? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: