Flying Lawnmower???

Found this video on the net…

All I have to say is… why? And AWESOME!!!

edit: (It’s not Chit Chat - I want to know how it is done.) :frowning:

Why not? :yikes:

thats so cool!!! thats amazing actually. has such a small wingspan. amazing stability. maybe its the “handle” :rolleyes:

I saw a propeller in front of it though.
So that coulda’ helped it.
I wonder…


It looks like someone used parts from a model airplane…but to get something in that shape to be stable while flying is amazing impressive.

  check that out....
  Here are the manuals
  [Sky Cutter](
  [Sky Cutter .40 V2](
 Super High-Res Photo
 [Sky Cutter](

If you look at that photograph you can tell it’s pretty much a model plane with a “handle” and some cutout wheels screwed onto the end plates on the wings. It doesn’t really look all that stable but I’m surprised at how maneuverable it is.

I used to have a flying Porche. It was based on the same principle. Take away the handle and make the sides like the profile of a Lemans Porche and you would have what I flew.
Between the two sides, from front to back, there is one giant airfoil. That’s allot of lift. He probably has a .90 engine on it.
They really catch your eye.
Based on the same airfoil I have also seen a flying doghouse.

Wayne Doenges