Flywheel Problems

We have lathed an aluminum block down to our wheel size (3in) and are currently using two falcons to spin the block. The wheel is getting lots of speed, but the ball is going nowhere (like 2 ft). We think it may be the aluminum not catching on the ball, but we have no idea.

How much compression do you have? and what is the gear ratio?


1 to 1, 2 in compression

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That is a very likely problem, with 2 falcons you will probably want at least 1 1/2 in of compression


What hood material are you using?

Where in particular? Like the wheel itself?

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Hood sorry that was a typo

Any pictures? They make helping so much easier


aluminum. Could that have an effect on the slippage?

Quite possibly, as it might not be getting any grip


we were trying rubber bands to get more grip, it helped a little but not much

Does the ball need to grip to the hood?

Depends I guess. @Thequackmaster could you help at all here?

Also, in your code, are you running in a percentage output or velocity, and what are they set at?

we are using a joystick and percentage output

Are they running at full speed? My team that depending on the wheel size, certain speeds are too much and cause too much backspin on the hooded shooter.

Three-inch wheels? Someone else will have to comment on that, but my team is using 8" wheels so the motors don’t have to spin as fast to get the same resulting speed of the power cell. Then again, we are going directly off a CIM and not off of 2 Falcons.

they are running at like 20 percent speed

Increasing the number of motors won’t increase the speed, and the 3" wheel is probably the issue here. We’re spinning a 6" wheel at ~5600 RPM. A 3" wheel is going to have half the surface speed.

If you really want good feedback, post a picture (or better, a video) of the setup.

EDIT: 20% speed??? There’s your problem.


we also tested at 80 percent, I worded that wrong