FM Halloween Chill Out!

Welcome to FM Halloween Chill Out! We welcome new players and old alike. If you’re looking to get involved, or just try out a game, please feel free to join. To signup do /in if you have any questions just ask below. Looking for as many people as possible. This game will be suuuuper chill with only 1 post required per game.

FRC Forum Mafia Halloween Chill out

Signups are now open!

Your mod for this game will be @GoalkeeperBoss and @TheFlash . This is a special game mode, often times referred to as B*stard mafia, basically, the mods can lie to you, making it fun, frustrating, and super chill.

For this game we will be running a custom game mode I’ve made up just for this game, welcome to the "Mountainous Chaos"


  1. Follow the Chief Delphi forum rules.
  2. Be respectful to the hosts and your fellow players.
  3. Don’t be inactive . If you do not post meaningfully in any given phase, you will be prodded. Receiving two prods or failing to respond to a prod within 12 hours will result in your removal from the game. This will be a special point of emphasis this game.
  4. Dead will not be added to scum chat . Dead will not talk in game for any reason, or face a mod kill. Role lists will be distributed through PM only
  5. Dead will not interact with any in game polls, nor will they like posts!
  6. Do not quote/screenshot private host messages. They’re private for a reason.
  7. Don’t throw the game. Always play with the intent of helping your faction win.
  8. No editing or deleting posts for any reason without express moderator permission.
  9. No posting after majority is reached or at night. I can’t lock the thread, so I’m relying on you all to just follow this rule and not post. Repeated or egregious failure to comply will result in your removal from the game.
  10. Do not discuss the game outside of the game. Anywhere. It’s not worth it.
  11. It’s a game - have fun!


• Days will be 12 hours long
• Nights will be 12 hours long
• Mafia will get a factional night kill. Any living player can carry out the kill.


• To accuse someone, say “ /vote [player] ”.
• To rescind your vote, say “ /unvote ”.
• Making your votes obvious (bolded, on their own line, etc.) will make it less likely to be missed by me.
• Vote counts will be given whenever a host is available to do so. You may request one by pinging me. No vote counts will be given by the dead!
• Days 1-2 will have a deadline elimination - whoever has the most votes when the 12 hour timer expires will be eliminated.
• Days 3 and on will have a plurality elimination - if majority is reached on a player, the day will end immediately with their elimination, but if majority isn’t reached whoever has the most votes when the timer expires will be eliminated.
If majority has been reached, stop posting immediately. Repeated or egregious failure to comply will result in a modkill.

the # of roles will depend on how many people sign up. This game will be hosted in a pm, it will hopefully be over before M13, if not, well just trust me, it will be over one way or another.


Now to the fun part that includes me lying, and you getting frustrated.
Things I cannot lie to you about:
Who is alive or dead in the game,
What YOUR role is in your role PM,
Thats about it. Since there are no roles, cant lie about that. Everything else is up to your imagination. Have fun, take EVERYTHING with a grain of salt, and remember, it may not be what you seem.

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And rules, right?

And you mean 12 hours


Heck yes


@GoalkeeperBoss I’m coming for you

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Everything on the starting post is 100% correct

I can screw with you so…

I’m just claiming that everything in the OP cannot be a lie?

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Specifically rules

What your role is […] There are no roles.
Good job.

But I can screw with you too.

Everything in op is 100% true

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Thanks boss


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When will this game start?

As soon as I can, as early as tomorrow morning, as late as Friday morning

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/ signup

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Looks real fun, but I’m gonna have to sit this one out

Pretty pwease

okedoke… it is going to be realllly chill tho like 1 post per day is fine