FMA+ Episode 1 featuring teams 193, 2180, 2590, 8139, and Live Q&A with 1807 - Today 6PM Eastern


FMA+ Debuts Tonight at 6PM Eastern on the FMA YouTube, featuring segments from 193, 1807, 2180, 2590, and 8139. Following the broadcast, we will have live Q&A with representatives from 1807, so stay tuned and ask questions in chat!


Redbird Robotics makes their TV debut. This Saturday, April 4, is the premiere episode of FMA+ - Make sure you’re tuning in! They’ll be going live at 6pm Eastern time on and featuring teams 1807, 193, 2180, 8139, and 2590!


Going live now!

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Thanks to everyone who watched! For anyone who missed it, you can catch the VOD of the stream on the FMA YouTube, and we will have individual team’s segments posted there as well in the near future!

We’d love to hear your feedback for what went well and what we can improve on. Please let us know here or in the FMA Discord what you thought of the episode and how we can make it even better in the future.

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