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What do you guys use to emulate the FMS for your offseason events? I know of FMSLite and FMS Delta, but those are pretty outdated. Do you guys have anything new?

I’m aware of some projects on the internet aimed at accomplishing this (they can be found by using The Google, and searching “java frc fms”) but they are incomplete.

We also don’t want to spend a gazillion dollars to rent the hardware and electronics from FRC (plus we’re in California and don’t want to pay $.50 per mile from Illinois)

Lemme know what you guys got.

254 The Cheesy Poofs have a FMS system that they will be using as Chezy Champs. I’ve heard that it is full featured. Here is their website if you want to contact them

If you do want a FIRST FMS you don’t have to pay to ship it or field all the way from NH, or IN, we’ve got 1 FMS and 2 fields in the PNW and they are available for rental. In fact one of the fields is going to Chezy Champs.

Note we already have a commitments for a number of dates many using the FMS in addition to one of our fields. If you need a field or a FMS send me a PM and I’ll put you in touch with the person handling the scheduling of our fields.

Thanks for your quick reply!

What I’m trying to do is avoid renting anything. I’m trying to design an off season event that is low cost and is able to provide the same services as an FRC event. I’m willing to develop some software if more people were interested in it.

I don’t think you’ll need to develop your own software. Chezy Arena will cover pretty much everything (field management, match schedule generator, auxiliary, etc.) when it’s released. We plan on using it at our offseason competition in September. If it’s not available we will be using O!FMS (Open FMS). All you need to use either of these systems is a couple of Ethernet switches, a router equal to or greater than the Linksys one used in the 2010 season, and several Ethernet cables.

I’m waiting eagerly for Chezy Arena to be released.

You mentioned O!FMS, is there a page where I can find it?

I messaged you.

For completeness, here is a thread that includes some details about O!FMS.

This website has details as well.

It looks like there’s a video demo of real time scoring and associated ref controls available here:

That’s just something we whipped up for our informal scrimmage the week before Championship. The actual interface in Cheesy Arena will be different.

We’re looking at releasing it sometime around Chezy Champs, as we won’t be able to do rigorous testing until the event itself and don’t want to release an unfinished product.

I messaged you about O!FMS!

Also, we plan to be publicly releasing it soon with it’s new feature set, just FYI.

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