FMS Twitter feed syntax

Here is an example of the FMS twitters:
#FRCDC TY E MC 1 RF 8 BF 4 RE 176 1727 3123 BL 1024 2641 701 RB 2 BB 0 RP 0 BP 0 RG 1 BG 6 RGP 5 BGP 0

RF/BF - Red and Blue Final score 8-4
RE/BL - Red and Blue Alliance
RB/BB - Red and Blue Bonus (hanging)
RP/BP - Red and Blue Penalties, I think
RG/BG - Red and Blue Goals, I also think
RGP/BGP - Red and Blue Penaltygoal - No clue!

If someone can break the code on how this all relates, I would be grateful! The numbers just don’t seem to add up from what I observe in a match, the actual goals scored, the actual penalties, etc…

Thanks in Advance!


You have looked at the manual on the FIRST website?

It was reported in this thread:

that the FMS apparently has a defect when it comes to publishing the Twitter feed. I believe the final scores posted are correct, but the rest is not. Hopefully they’ll fix the bug before this week’s events.

I did. I guess with the numbers being off, I wondered if the definitions really meant what I thought they meant. Still don’t have a good definition of GoalPenalty though. The document mentions them, but I couldn’t find a definition of that phrase anywhere.



Goal Penalties = DOGMA/Ball Return Penalties.

Thank you! I had guessed that, but it didn’t seem like the numbers were fitting, in fact it looked like the goal penalties were contributing to the final score, so totally threw me off!


thank you very much… I have been looking for this answer for a long time. thanks to Steve also for actually asking the question(I hadn’t gotten to it yet)