hey just wondering if anyone in cyberspace has the 2011 edition of Field Management System for running off season compititions if so can any body please help and give me the like to get it. Thanks

I did some looking, and it seems the 2009 FMS lite was taken down from FIRST’s website, but I did find a link to the 2010 version, which should be good at least for running the robots (keeping score, not so much)

This page has a link to the 2009 version of FMS Light. I got to it from a FIRST page titled “2011 Post Season Event Criteria and Considerations”, so it doesn’t look there’s a 2011 version of FMS Light.

thanks guys you have helped out alot but we got it working for 2011::rtm::

I downloaded FMS 2010, is there an audience program with it?


Based on the Getting Started Guide for FMS Light (2009), it seems that the audience program should be included in the installer that you can download. Look at: Start->Program Files-> FIRST->Audience. If it’s not there, try downloading and installing the 2009 version and use that audience screen (even though it’s for Lunacy). I don’t think (at least, I can’t find it) that there was an audience program released for 2010, if it’s not in the link from my previous post (not having it installed, I can’t say).

I’d also check out the FMS Wiki. Maybe you’ll find something interesting/useful there.

The server that hosts the wiki also has - It looks like you can find FMSlight, and 2010/2011 Full, Delta, and Light. I haven’t tried any of these to see if they are right, but I am certain that Full will not run without a full field setup.

I haven’t tried any of these either, but I am also almost certain that you need a full field steup to run the full FMS. You can use either Delta or Light without a full field. I would reccommend just to just Light, as the Delta version assumes some other stuff about full fields and separate servers (or something like that - I don’t remember off the top of my head).

EDIT: the specific difference between light and delta is:
FMS Light is for robot control only
FMS Delta has all the features of the Full FMS, but doesn’t require the field hardware (schedule generation, match review, etc.)
Some other links are at the bottom of this page: