FNC IR@Home Scores

Following on from the previous posts, I’m adding a IR@Home Skills Challenge scoreboard for the FIRST North Carolina district. Most of this was compiled from Greg’s database, but some I pulled directly from the FIRST Event Results website, since Greg didn’t include the scores from the Samarium Group (those scores that were too late to be considered, but were submitted unofficially.) Since several long-standing teams in FNC fell into this group, I included them on the scoreboard but marked their overall scores in red to differentiate them from teams that are officially competing.

The spreadsheet/scoreboard can be viewed here. Both computed and raw scores are included.

Many thanks to Greg for his fantastic work in pulling together the scores for all groups.


Is your goal here to simply display all posted NC scores or to compute the scores as if NC were its own group? I’d expect to see a top computed score of 150 in every challenge.

This is meant to display and compare NC scores as they are in their groups (i.e., real scores) rather than try to calculate them as if they were one group. That’s why I included raw scores, so that people could see them in context. I honestly haven’t had the time to try and do the recalculation.

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