FOC 2018?

Is there going to be a Festival of Champions in 2018? I haven’t seen anything about it, and I’d imagine HQ would announce something if they intended to hold it again in 2018.

It’d suck if we stopped having world champions, but hey, at least we get the #2champz [strike]maybe someone possibly [/strike] everyone wanted!!

Which hurts more? The thought that there might be 8 World Champion teams instead of 4 World Champion teams, or the fact that you’re probably right that FIRST would announce a “save the date” like they do with Champs? Personally I think a team who never actually plays in the entire Einstein elimination match system can’t be called a World Champion, and any system that doesn’t require all teams to play at each level is already broken. There’s a lot that FRC and FTC can share with each other.


They will probably say in the game manual. That’s where I learned about it last year

No mention of FoC in the game manual

At the founder’s reception, I had a brief conversation with a FIRST employee, to the effect that there had been no logistical planning for FoC. The employee made the implication that if FoC was going to happen, it would be in the manual.

Since there’s no mention of it in the manual and I have the benefit of that conversation, I believe that it’s not happening this year. That being said, I would really like there to be a clear statement from Frank.