Folding@Home FIRST Contest

The following post is collaborated by the team of MMRambotics :rolleyes:

Team 2200 and it’s members are using all their spare computing power to contribute to Folding@Home. Folding@Home is a distributive computing project that uses your spare computing power to run work units that researchers at Stanford University use to help cure diseases such as Alzheimers, Parkinsons, and Huntington’s. Folding@Home helps researchers at Stanford University gain knowledge about how proteins fold and misfold and this helps them understand how this relates to diseases. All you need to do to get started is download the client. The client will automatically download work units when available, complete them in the background or during idle computing time, and reupload them to the server at Stanford University. First create a team on folding@home for your FRC team and name it accordingly: FRCxxxx - teamname. For example Team 2200 is: FRC2200 - MMRambotics. Once you have a team setup, send us an e-mail with your Folding@Home team name and number and your FRC team name and number. For more information and to get started, go to

We will be hosting a separate registration script to keep track of FIRST teams competing in Folding@Home. Let’s see who can create the most creative folding farms :smiley: