Just out of total curiosity. What would you say about the life span of my team? The Baxter Bomb Squad. We went from 96-00, left for a year then came back. Are we considered a 5+ year team or do we start over as a new team? :slight_smile: Just a thought, but I also believe that our team can last as long as we are meant to last. We try hard.

Team number 16?
Sounds rookie to me :slight_smile:

I would call it 5 years. But thats me


*Originally posted by Patrick Wang *

I don’t see any reason why the school would purposely try to get in your way though, there must be some other reason why they would prevent you from doing these things. Perhaps it is time to find out. Maybe they feel as if it was in the school best interest not to let you travel?

Oh it’s a very deep political reason(s). I agree with patrick the school seems to want to tell us no just because they can.

I don’t know what the situation is with the school that you have on the East Coast/ New York, perhaps the circumstances we face are different.

In general, our community/school sees robotics as a way to learn not only how to build a robot but also how to build an organization.

The school/community supports what we do, but it seems to me that they have their hands tied as far as providing more support than they do already. Mostly due to money.

I’ll take your words for it, maybe there is something rooted politically in the school, perhaps your school’s art program is fighting for space? Or something of the like. In any case, it would be an interesting story to hear from both sides, school and students.

In any case, good luck to you and your team.

Live Long and Prosper :slight_smile: