Follow up: Class of 2016, Where are you going?

This thread is suppose to be a followup thread to this thread. Now that college decisions are probably all out, I wanted to see what colleges seniors are going to next year. (I also want to find out whether there are any other seniors going to the same University as me… :D)

After applying to multiple Universities, I’ve decided to attend the University of Wisconsin- Madison for Electrical Engineering. I’m super excited to start this fall!

I’m 99% going to be attending Queens University in Kingston, ON for Computing.

MIT for mechanical and/or aerospace engineering.

I am going to attend THE Ohio State University and major in Information Systems, but I’m expecting that major to change at least 3 more times.

University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science

Hey! Me too. Were you at champs? There was a gathering for admitted students.

Yeah I was. Sorry I missed the gathering. Although I was pretty busy the entire time, so I’m not sure I would’ve been able to make it :frowning:

Also, is your team at all affiliated with the FTC team Blue Crew? Because I have one of their shirts from when I was at champs for FTC in 2014

Harvard for physics.

University of Louisville for Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Oakland University in Michigan for Mechanical Engineering.

Kansas State for Electrical/Computer Engineering

Yale University, tentatively for computer science and psychology.

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Mechanical Engineering

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UT Austin for ECE.

I will be going to the University of Calgary majoring in Computer Science and probably minoring in Management and Society. Anyone else going to the University of Calgary?

University of Oklahoma for Computer Engineering

I’ll be at Georgia Tech for Mechanical Engineering. Go Jackets!

Drexel University for Business & Engineering

MIT for computer science

Dartmouth College, probably double-majoring in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering.