Following consecutive paths one at a time using pathfinder/pathweaver

We are using pathfinder + pathweaver where each individual place the robot drives (eg from the starting point to one bay or from bay to the human player station) is a path. Using the dashboard, drive tream can choose three paths which will execute consecutively. Here is my question: if we initialize all of the trajectories + encoder following objects in auto init will all three of them start measuring time even though only one’s control loop is getting called. Here is our code which can explain this better.

private File pathFiles[] = new File[12];
private MotionProfiling selectedPaths[] = new MotionProfiling[3];
public void autonomousInit() {
int firstPath = Integer.valueOf(SmartDashboard.getString(“DB/String 1”, “Path one?”));
int secondPath = Integer.valueOf(SmartDashboard.getString(“DB/String 2”, “Path two?”));
int thirdPath = Integer.valueOf(SmartDashboard.getString(“DB/String 3”, “Path three?”));
int chosenPathNumbers[] = new int[]{firstPath, secondPath, thirdPath};

for (int i = 0; i < selectedPaths.length; i++) {
 //this is where all the trajectory + encoder followers are being made
  selectedPaths[i] = new MotionProfiling(driveTrain, pathFiles[chosenPathNumbers[i]]);

public void autonomousPeriodic() {
int currentPath = 0;

for (int i = 0 ; i < selectedPaths.length ; i++){
    currentPath = i;