Font server?

Um… how would one go about setting up a [Linux X Winders] font server? This would be on Ubuntu (Hoary), if changes things too much.

Optionally (preferably), does anyone know how to start Cygwin’s XFree86 with a local font path specified with the “fp” option? It has to not rely on the registry keys Cygwin uses by default.

And because I know someone will ask, I’m trying to cut Cygwin down to the bare-minimum which will still login (through XDMCP) to my Ubuntu server. Right now it’s at 47MB, with more stripping available, I’m sure, but I’m stuck on getting it to load the appropriate fonts, so that doesn’t do me much good. :slight_smile:

I’ve never had to set up an X font server before but you may be able to simply share the X Font directory through SFTP or Samba or something and them mount it in Cygwin’s X font directory becuase I believe this is basicly what the X font server does only in a much more effiecent manner. I will see if I can test the set up I described.

If you’re trying to use xfstt, I know you can comment out no-listen = tcp in (generally) /etc/X11/xfs/config. That should let it run on port 7100/tcp (maybe 7101 because that’s what debian uses.) Make sure you firewall that off from non-local connections.

Also, I don’t know anything about CYGWIN, but xset fp+ /path/ should set the font path. Maybe that’s of no use, but like I said, never touched CYGWIN. Do you still have an XF86Config-4 file? If so, just stick

Section "Files"
    FontPath   "/font/path/"

in it. Sorry if any (all?) of this was useless :slight_smile: