Food for you!

Hi I’m Ponderous and I think we should talk about what food we would like to be served at the competions. I’m not saying it’ll happen I just think it may happen.


I think my favourite type of food is chinese. I LOVE chinese food!!! Anyone else like it?

Latkes are my all-time favorite food, so I’d opt for latkes.

I love soup… soup and salad is a great meal.

Pasta is another good one.

Subway, Jersey Mike’s, PaPa John’s, Charlie Hot Dogs,and White Castle, all would be fine with me… :smiley:

Things I prefer not to be served… Burger King, McDonald’s, Taco Bell,or Quizno’s
Krispy Kream donuts with the morning coffee would be nice too. :rolleyes:

Steak, lobster…hey, it doesn’t hurt to ask, does it?! :smiley:

I’d go with Subway too. It gives people a decent selection of sandwhiches (even custom made) depending on what they like or what they can eat if they are allergic or don’t like certain things. They can make a vegetarian sandwhich too.

Subway food is better than McDonalds too.

(I get sick if I eat too much of McD’s or BK (I won’t even mention White Castle), can’t handle the grease.)

subway or chipotle if its kept warm

for those without chipotle its good mexican buritos and other foods like buritos


Pieces of artwork are made by the customers out of the foil that wraps their delicious burritos. 418 members have left foil sculptures of past robots at different Freebirds in the Houston area. Always fun.

Heh, I work at Chipotle. It is really good mexican food made fast. Best served warm for sure, I don’t really like it cooled or reheated. Maybe if a venue had a Chipotle stand! :smiley:

Definitely Buffalo Wild Wings!:slight_smile: Awesome sauces! (or any restaurant mentioned here)

Good strong coffee in the morning, with cream or half & half, perhaps with some bread-like objects (not too picky on that.)

For Lunch, something healthier than cheese nachos, pizza hut, hot dogs and deep fried chicken. Stuff that normal people eat, not “arena” food. Salads that are more than a few shreds of iceberg, decent deli sandwiches… and maybe my mother’s Lasagna…

Breakfast: Starbucks (or some other MASS coffee provider) + Krispy Kreams OR Big Boy Breakfast Buffet

Lunch: Pizza Hut, Subway

Dinner: Old Country Buffet, Subway (still)

Keep it roughly cheap but good… especially for us college rogues who will be taking time off of classes just for the pep-rall— I mean regionals. :smiley:


PS: never fear Asian dishes, they are cheap to make and are good both in taste and health territory.

Wings from the Quaker Steak and Lube in Sharon, PA. The grease on your fingers can then be redeployed as a chain lubricant.

In 2007, Arni’s catered the BMR. That was amazing, and I hope they do it again this year.

Doesn’t matter volunteer food is the best

Amen to that!

I LOVE the meatball subs!

i still say—
din–spahgetti or subway

lol, more like ten chipotle stands :smiley:


yeh that would be awsome and i would be broke after the first day:D