Food on a stick, Corn Dogs thread (again)

After seeing the amazing outpouring of support for Corndogs from Frank, I became more interested in “food on a stick”.

This week at the Rochester Food Truck Rodeo (eating at an assembled collection of food trucks, not racing food trucks) had a waffle dog on a stick. A stick with a hot dog, dipped in waffle batter, then cooked on a waffle iron to get that waffle shape/texture. I know, I had you at stick.

The batter tasted like waffles, and the texture was good, but the combo of hot dog and sweet waffle wasn’t making it for me.

I own children that will eat Dill Pickles on a Stick at the Renaissance Faire all day long. Food on a stick is clearly in the gene pool.

So what’s your favorite stick? What’s the weirdest “on a stick” that you ate?

Today at the Columbus Zoo, my fiancee and I shared a chocolate covered banana with coconut on a stick. That was pretty delicious. As far as stick-based non-meats, I’d say that probably tops it. Do you count toothpicks as “sticks” though? Because that could somewhat sway my opinion and introduce a whole world of hors d’oeuvres on sticks. What about plastic sword picks?

/sigh, first post and the FRC “well what is a stick” comes in. Toothpick, does it need to be round, does a carbon fiber chain of Buckie balls count as a stick. CD posters are sooooo predictable.

  1. Stick out of wood or similar cellulose fiber product. So Bamboo would work as stick. Bonus points given for rare woods: First cut redwood square slice, and smoothed to make a stick, with sliced salmon would work.

2)Rusted metal chunk off of a 2001 Geo Prism is not a stick.

3)Toothpick rule is ‘if the same Cu inch as 5 standard sized tooth picks, it’s a stick’. Must be a smaller diameter than a #2 pencil

4)Cheese on a toothpick isnt a stick based food.

Sure, as long as you’re keeping in mind that these are 2014 rules. Remember that 2015 rules may be different.

What about a hunk of cheese with 5 toothpicks stuck in them?

At Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.

Wife sees a stand selling “Cheesecake on a Stick”

She orders; they ask, “Would you like that dipped in our chocolate fountain?”

She answers, “Of course.”

I’ve eaten food off of a lot of sticks, and that was the best.

I have had Alligator on a stick. At the Bite of Seattle. Tastes like chicken.
Interesting because their chicken on a stick tastes like alligator.

Correction. I had small parts of alligator meat on a stick. Not the entire Alligator.

According to criteria, I believe most Kabobs would count.

If the above premise is true, I have had many great treats on a stick. I really enjoyed some chicken kabobs this weekend called tree huggers. It was standard chicken, peppers, onion… with an avocado jalapeno sauce that tasted really amazing.

Must the food be consumed while still on the stick? If not, then brazillian barbeque is easily the winner.

I attended a wedding last October. It was on the top floor of the highest building in Indianapolis. The view was spectacular. The dinner was one of the best we had savored. The decorations and people wonderful.

But the best part of the whole affair were the steak on a stick hordurves served as we walked in the door.

Steak. On a stick.

With a light seasoning of sea salt.

If this counts it easily wins. Otherwise for me its deep fried bacon on a stick at the minnesota state fair :slight_smile:

Weirdest? Teriyaki ostrich at last year’s MN State Fair (which is indeed the On-A-Stick Capital of the World). Best was definitely fried shrimp on a stick with bacon. Despite the logistical challenges of getting decent seafood in the middle of the country, that was probably some of the best fried shrimp I’ve ever had (really only second to rock shrimp at Dixie Crossroads in Florida-- seriously, it was worth driving cross-state to try that).

I would invite anyone who is a fan of foods on a stick to come over to the MN State Fair (we also have robots!)-- your taste buds will thank you!

That’s a staple of the chinese restaurants around here. Cut thin and ribboned onto a stick.

Did not even try to eat it, but eel on a stick from a street vendor in Osaka was memorable. Many years ago.

Deep… Fried… Bacon?

Where can I sign up!?

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