Footage Request

I am making a documentary covering my team, 1538, and FIRST in general. I collected a great deal of footage over the build season and the competitions we went to. However, there are some areas where I feel I would benefit from additional footage. If you have video (including ripped from the webcast, feed, etc) of the following events, I would appreciate it very much. I will pay for duplication and shipping, and I will give you credit in the documentary. The footage doesn’t need to be edited.

Las Vegas Regional
Opening ceremonies
Alliance Selection
Awards (Specifically the Imagery award)
Closing ceremonies
Matches: Q4, Q13, Q21, Q27, Q34, Q43, Q50, Q58, Q64, Q69, Q78, QF 3-1, QF 3-2, QF 3-3

Opening ceremonies
Archemedes matches: Q2, Q22, Q42, Q53, Q65, Q85, Q101, all QF, all SF, all F
Einstein matches: All, especially the last one
Dean, Woody, and the other VIPs talking (Especially the politicians)
Closing ceremonies

Thank you very much. If anyone needs footage, I will be happy to oblige if I can.

Alex Dodge: Documentarian, 1538

Soap 108’s website ( has archived video from the Championships and Regionals. I think the NASA website might have the matches too.


Does anyone have the “BE FIRST” video that I can download. I would like to play it in our school.

Our on board camera was working in one of the Las Vegas QF
matches we had with you. Unfortunately, we were mostly pointed
away from your robot, but there are some segements of your bot
from an oponent’s perspective.

The file is .AVI and is about 150MB. It was recorded by our robot
mounted camera during the match at 15FPS.

does anyone know why the vegas regional wasnt broadcast or archived?

That sounds awesome! If you made a torrent of that, I’m sure there would be tons of people who would be interested.