Football Shooting Robot

So in honor of the NFL’s 50th Superbowl, our team decided to make a football shooting robot! We deconstructed our Recycle rush robot and built on top of the remains of it. We built the robot in about 5 days for an outreach event

Here is a video of it.
Drive train: AM14U
Shooter Wheels: Pneumatic Wheels shooting at a 1:1 Ratio on a CIM.
Feeder: Both by Hand and Pneumatically using 3D printed Cone.

The ball is currently not able to spiral but we have figured that out to be because of the angle the wheels are tilted at. We are trying in the process of figure out what angles the wheels need to be at. Overall we really like the ball, but we need to find a better ratio to run the wheels at and a better wheel.

We thought we would share our project since the idea of a football game has been flying around the rumor mill for a long time.

Man that shoots far. good re-use of a robot that doesnt work well for demonstrations, too