Footbell - Business - FIRST

This listing below was part of a presentation I saw yesterday. The focus of the list was business competitiveness and how business is like football. The list was created during the Super Bowl hype in Indianapolis earlier this year. I think it is from the Indianapolis Business Journal.

Although the listing was football and business, i also think it is relative to FIRST teams.


  1. You can score quickly, but it doesn’t guarantee you win the game.
  2. Kick it away from your competitor’s strength.
  3. Special teams need special players with special talents.
  4. If you run fast and you are in the open, you are hard to catch.
  5. Change your game plan if the weather changes. Be ready to adapt.
  6. The playing field itself is the same for you and your competitors.
  7. Have more than one player who can run the ball.
  8. When you are on offense, you have to block well.
  9. When you are on defense, react quickly and tackle well.
  10. Be prepared for your turnovers. You will likely have some.
  11. Be prepared for your competitors’ turnovers. They will have them, too.
  12. The team follows the reactions of its leaders.
  13. You can overcome your own mistakes and turnovers.
  14. Your competitors have tendencies. Learn them through preparation.
  15. Use a halftime to rest, review, and regroup. Then respond in the second half.
  16. The larger the stakes, the larger the pressure.
  17. Even competitors not playing are interested in your game.
  18. If you are always playing defense, you can get tired.
  19. If you are always playing offense, you can wear your competitors out.
  20. Important games attract even the most casual fans.
  21. You do not have to play the game to be into the game.
  22. If you have success, keep running until your competitors stop you.
  23. When you can’t score big, settle for the smaller scores. They can help you win.
  24. Respect your competitors. They have been successful and are not here by accident.
  25. Some journeys to super success take years.
  26. Celebrate your successes and share your success with your fans.
  27. When you lose, you will have critics.
  28. Even when you win, you will have critics.
  29. Next year, a new journey begins.