For All Doctor Who Fans

One of our freshmen drew this picture and it is awesome. Hope everybody likes it:

I <3 THIS SO MUCH!!! btw hi crease :eek: :] :cool:

You might also like the box FRC 1503 comes in (at least when they’re not at bag and tag events).

The show is terrible but that is still hilarious
very nice :slight_smile:

Did they finally figure out how to make it bigger on the inside?

I love Doctor Who! I have just gotten into the phenomonon of it and I LOVE the picture! haha It made me smile! :yikes:

I love Doctor Who, and this picture was just perfection! I could actually imagine this happening, too.
Thanks for sharing it with us. :'D

That would help for games that call for hoppers.

“Roomier on the inside”

This is fantastic! Please tell the freshman that it’s awesome :smiley:

This is fantastic. One of my favorite Chief Delphi threads of all time.
Gotta love Shirt Woot.