For Chief Delphi or for whoever knows

I have noticed on the forums those little green squares how many post does it take to get a new square??

(I’m new and just want to know)

Check FAQ. Or just follow this link and read what it says about the Reputation System.

The squares are just reputation bars. The better your post the better your reputation will be. to add a bar there is a little button to press on the post that adds a positive reputation.

They mean nothing. Don’t fret about them.

Thanks, I forgot to mention that they are just dots. :slight_smile:

Thanks Guys :]

The green dots are good.
The red dots are bad and indicate that the poster needs to improve in areas of communication in ChiefDelphi.
The gray dots are neutral in that - maybe someone reads a post and wants to send a quick message to you so they use the gray dot. Or - they can be used as a sort of a warning. The poster is bordering on rudeness or being obnoxious and a gray dot will let the poster know they need to improve.

Well thought out posts and posts that contribute to the discussion well can garner green reps. They don’t always but they can. It is worth your while to be patient and spend some time reading threads, learning how to post and how to conduct yourself in the ChiefDelphi fora.

If you go into search and type: ‘they’re just dots’ - it will lead you to some older threads where discussions regarding the value of rep have taken place. Some have 5 star ratings which means they were good threads.

Welcome to CD and enjoy your 2008 season. :slight_smile: