For future weeks has driver vision been in the driver station?

Curious to get some first hand accounts from the perspective of each driver station? Thank you ahead of time.

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Station 3 is great, station 2 is okay, station 1 is rough. You can see the high goal from each and you can see parts of the switch from each, but station 3 is hands down my favorite place to coach from. You can see everything and the only challenge is a bit of a rough angle on the climb.


If you’re short you’ll be fine-ish. If you’re tall, duck.


Interesting , you mean duck in the driver station?

I’ve found it to be fine, definitely better than last year. Far side climb lineup from station 1 is difficult, however.

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I found that in some stations I had to crouch to see everything, but you can see everything from all 3 stations. This game has sight lines similar to 2018 where I felt comfortable leading our driver to go to any section of the field.
The one thing about the driver stations this year, is you are further from your partners than usual. I was running over to partners as opposed to being able to easily communicate from whatever position I was in


I believe this is a KEY point for both Drive coaches and Human player coordination, gald you mentioned it!

That’s exactly what I mean. We have tall drivers so when we had to line up to shoot (we didnt have working vision code at this event) We had to use the front facing camera and duck down almost to the console stand.

Driver station 3 (my personal favorite), if you are planning on shooting from in the trench run it’s 3 the best then 2 then 1, for climbing, I think 2 is the best then 3 then 1. Long story short station 1 kinda sucks unless you are planning on defending the loading zone or stealing the opposing alliance’s overflow.


Jeff is also my personal favorite.

Planning to play on the opponent’s side of the field to steal balls from overflow and shoot close? Station 1 was my favorite for that.

Full court cycling across the trench or rendezvous? Station 2 and 3 are fantastic for coordinating with your human player to load balls and navigate on your side of the field.

Using the rendezvous bars to figure out climb lineups has been successful and less dependent on driver station.

If you have a short robot and shoot from the end of the trench run, your robot is obstructed by the trench/control panel in station 3.

Also, station 1 isn’t necessarily as bad as everyone is saying for climbing, you have a better view of where you’re lining up left/right, just not front/back.

The visibility from all of the driver stations is significantly better than in previous years.

Yes, I found myself crouching down lower the whole time I was coaching. Kinda stinks but I guess that’s part of it. You are mainly ducking to see the high goal because if you don’t it is blocked by the generator.

This is huge. More so than any time in recent memory, your drive team needs to be able to operate relatively autonomously from your coaching so that your coach can have the ability to step away to coordinate with the other drive teams. The goal and HP station are not negligible barriers between the drive teams and–especially when the arena is loud–you cannot assume that you will be heard yelling from station 1 to station 3.

Drivers: practice, practice, practice and have a deep knowledge of the planned strategy and alternates

Coaches: be intentional about communication and coordination between drive teams. It ain’t easy!

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Defense robots have a huge advantage in preventing the offensive robots from getting into safe zones because they have much better sightlines. Degrades the effectiveness of the triangular goal safe zone in particular.

I didn’t have issues with any of the driver stations. Station 3 definitely has better overall visibility than station 1, but if you have poor depth perception (like me), station 1 makes it quite easy to drive to a certain distance from the goal.

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