For Robot Rodeo...overnight parking/crashing?

Alright, so certain people (cough)franchesca(cough) have stuck the notion of making the trek to Robot Rodeo in my head. The problem is, it’s just over seven hours from here to there, which means I’m likely sleeping in my car on Friday or Saturday night. (I mean, I could get a hotel room, but that brings the cost of this excursion beyond what I’d prefer.)

So, can someone with more experience than I in this subject point me to a place I can park my car and sleep at for one of those nights?

(And don’t let this cause you to hide away from me at RR if I make it–I’m not going to work up a funk driving down the road.)


hey billfred, this is great to hear that you will be here at robot rodeo… have seen your great posts… this time will get to meet you… sleep on the field (i am not sure if allowed though… i can make sure)… just a thought… :slight_smile:

Right now, may. I’ve still got a few things I have to nail down before I can call it a done deal (namely a few bucks in gas money and a substitute for my radio show–nothing difficult, just on short notice).

As for sleeping on the field…you mean the field where some hours later there will be a swarm of robots driving around and herding and capping and hanging?

(well, I might be able to claim that I’ve had more field time than anyone if that was the case!)

By the way, if y’all get into a bind for an announcer, I think I can wrangle a guy with some experience. :wink:

you can always drive west to Tampa…we got a couch =). Or I’m sure Nadia will let you stay at her house :rolleyes:

Seriously… in general. Motels are as cheap as you need them to be. A one bed motel room off the highway can cost you anywhere from $35 a night to $110 a night.

I say just drive and wing it. When you start to know you are going to get tired. Look for places along the route. Not the best way to plan a trip, but it adds to the excitement. :slight_smile: And you could come home with some cool stories about finding a place (As we did when we drove to Missouri. when I was younger - oh the places we found. :yikes: )

Also, a great place to find deals is the local rest areas. They have a book up in this area called TRAVELER Discount Guide Hotel Coupons. It’s available nationwide and you can use the webpage link to find a distributor of the guides. But I have found them at all major rest stops (ie: not picnic areas)

Good luck in your planning (or lack thereof).

edit: We’re not going to FL. Not for a mini-comp anyways. Sorry.

nathan said that the janitors have to lock up so it dosent look so great for sleeping on the field. That was my orginal idea too. because io had left a tent in orlando when i was there last i could set uit up on the field right?. Im going up there with arefin and Peter. on friday afternoon to setup the field and stuff. and thats kind of a fanticy of moine to sleepo on the field.

I have a couch if you’d like. And a shower if you start feeling the funk. heh…

Also, I wouldn’t mind having a co-announcer. =-]

PM me if you’re coming down and I’ll give you my number.

OH NO!!! Not Billfred and George1083 together! He posted his reply at 1:23 in the morning - he’s INSANE I tell you.

Seriously, I hope you can make it - we’ll give you warm welcome. And don’t let George influence you on picking the caption contest winner this weekend.

just adding to that… Dont even listen to george… :wink:

You know, it would be kinda odd if my computer was dropped at just the right angle for random caption contest scores to vanish… (devilish grin)

I am now officially going. I’ve got a substitute for my show, recorded the cart for him to play to point out that I’m gone (it’s a hoot, too), and I’ve lined up accomodations for Saturday night. Friday night is still firming up.

And I’d love to co-announce. (Look out, Dan Green!)

And if all else fails you can leave your car in the UHS lots overnight. Just look out cause they will probably lock you in! If you are afraid of that there is a super wal-mart near by thats 24 hours, as well as plenty of shopping places that wont bother you. I think Georges Bed is the best bet, but if he is a butt hole you can crash in my apartment too. Although i dont have a couch, i have a floor and a love seat thats not good for sleeping on. OO i do have a big inflatable turtle.

mmmm inflatable turtle…

Alright, I think I’ve got my trip planned out…complete with plans B through N.

Due to the fact that nothing’s happening in two of my classes (and I can afford to miss the other), I’ll probably be in town around 6:00 that night. When is everyone going to start setting up?

7:45 AM till we are done, so yeah we will probably be there at 6.