For Sale: 775Pro/CiM Motors & Controllers

Our team has a number of extra motors and controllers for sale. Some of these are brand new in box and some are used. Please see the list below.

The prices are for individual pieces and are about 40-50% of new pricing.

If your team can use any of these parts or multiple items please let me know.

DM me to let me know what you are interested in and what the shipping zip code is and I can get you a final cost with shipping.

30 – Talon SPX Motor Controllers (Used) – $45.00 ea
10 – Victor SPX Motor Controllers (New) – $29.99 ea
13 – Vex 775pro Motors (New) – $11.99 ea
11 – miniCIM Motors (New) – $17.99 ea
8 – CIM Motors (New) – $19.79 ea
9 – CIM Motors (Used)– $16.50 ea

Do you still have the mini-CIM motors for sale? If so, I would be interested in 3, ship to 02871. Thanks

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