For sale on eBay (again): 9 VersaPlanetary gearboxes

Back in build season, I bought two complete robots from the now-in-VRC 283. I did it to poach some useful parts for 1293, which was transitioning from Sport gearboxes to the MAX Planetary.

Which meant the nine VersaPlanetary gearboxes (a line the team has never used) sat in the corner until I remembered to bring them home.

I have no idea how to price this lot of gearboxes, so I’ve listed it on eBay through Sunday with no reserve and will let the open market dictate the value. If you’re a VersaPlanetary shop, this could be a great way to pad out your stockpile on the cheap.

Edit: changed link to new listing


Dang, if only we weren’t transitioning from Versa planetary to max planetaries. This could definitely be a steal!


I dunno man, I don’t think the general public is ready for the power of the VP.

Remind me to report these guys to the FAA if they try to sell the thing. There’s a 10:1 in there :grimacing:


Hang on, please tell me that isn’t for the landing gear…



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Have you ever seen a 10:1 stage fail… in a light aircraft landing gear? I didn’t think so.

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Just under 24 hours left on the auction (it ends at 1:56 PM Eastern on Sunday, 9/25). For entirely selfish reasons, bidbidbidbid! :slight_smile:

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An update: the winning bidder failed to pay. So it’s back on eBay for another round.

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