For Sale: Thrifty Bot mecanum wheels

If anyone needs a set of 4 Thrifty Bot mecanum wheels we are selling a set. We bought them in the fall for prototyping but won’t be using them and figured someone else needs them right now. They are unused, just handled

Selling them for $50 shipped 2 day in the US



Let me piggy back on you, Mike. When Team 316’s wheels are gone, please contact me through PM. Same price, same amount (two sets) of the famous Thrifty intake wheels. We won’t be using ours this year.


Just wanted to say very cool of you guys for charging the original price on these :slight_smile: Thanks for helping!


For all y’all’s information, I am a big fan of Ryan, Thrifty, and these wheels. They are super cool. It’s just that our design direction doesn’t benefit from vectored wheels this year. We would hold on to them, but so many teams seem to be in need and maybe we can help.

Also, we have one set of the Fingertech mini mecanum wheels that we won’t use. Unlike the Thrifty’s, they will require modification and probably not work great. We ran them for our first and second event last year, then took them off (this set is new in box, not the used set). I think we paid like, $75 for them a year ago. If you want 'em, and you want to take on the task of making 'em fit, you can have 'em for $20, including shipping. See? Thrifty is way better.


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It’s definitely possible, you’ll just need a broach of some kind. 1720 modded them in '17 I think and they end up looking like this -


Yes, we also broached ours. It’s totally possible and if you’re on a super tight budget go ahead and take these ones from us.

Thrifty’s are gone y’all

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I tested some of these fingertech wheels on power cells, and they didn’t seem to work very well. They kinda just grabbed the balls and sucked them in instead of vectoring. We tried compression from 0-1.5".

Have a pic of your test setup? I was wondering if the fingertechs would work on these balls, we didn’t try them.

A solid backing of some kind is required from what we’ve found for the balls to roll against. Just having the rollers will absolutely intake the wheels like any other intake wheel would.


Was just about to post this. We love Thrifty Bot. I swear we ordered bearings and they were delivered like 20 minutes later. The wheels look great but we aren’t using them and other teams need them more. However, we are using about 30 Thrifty hex bearings and 50 bushings between our 2 robots.

Our wheels have sold as well.


I think I’ve placed four orders with Thrifty so far this winter. Typically shipping is rivaled only by McMaster. Dude.

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166 has found that the fingertech wheels grip the ball too much due to the rubber rollers. We ordered like 30 of them last year so buying new ones with plastic rollers is wayyyyy out of our budget. We’re attempting to print our own out of PLA and eventually ABS to see how much of a difference there is.


I am testing our own slightly modified version of Ryan’s thrifty wheels on our HP fusion printer to see if the parts are as rigid as the markforged parts. We think they might be pretty comparable. We can also print multiple sets in under 3 hours so this for us is a huge plus so we can try more configurations.

I know a lot of teams out there really want these wheels, we may be able to help get some out after our testing is done to make sure they work out ok. I will post more info tomorrow with photos after we get them in our hands.

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That’s high praise :slight_smile: it makes staying up super late packing your orders worth it. I know each day matters during build and don’t want you guys waiting on me to ship stuff.


You have any sets left? 5454 is interested in buying them.

Your shipping is amazing. USPS/Canada Post on the other hand …

The order I placed on Jan 6 is scheduled to arrive Jan 21. It took USPS 8 days to get it to Canada Post. My team has absorbed all of those split shaft collars from my first order and I’m wishing I’d ordered more.

Thanks for doing all of this Ryan!

We were in the same boat here for the last order we made, took two weeks to get to Canada. Amazing products and a great service from Ryan, USPS/Canada Post… not so great.

Agreed but us Canadians also know that brokerage can get out of hand using anyone else.

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Yes… We do. But we still choose to live here because … Well, I mean how awesome is this place?

Sorry everyone who doesn’t live here. oops, sorry for apologizing.