For Scouts Who Will be at IRI

I am a Robotics Merit Badge Counselor for Pacifica District, Los Angeles Council. I will be attending IRI and would be happy to help you with this merit badge.

It would be best if we talk some in advance, particularly for requirement 4. So if you would like to do this badge PM me and we can get started.

Thanks to Chris Husmann of #330 for his expertise.

Come on by and visit Team #33 as well. Two of the BSA Robotics Merit Badge (RMB) writing Team members are mentors at #33. If you are not a scout, please consider the book as introductory material for rookies on veteran teams as well as a guide for rookie teams. The “design, build, test and operate” principles are universal.

Now, just wondering, any other RMB counselors coming to IRI 2011?