For Team 179

Ever think of purchasing a team vehicle? This has got to be the one for you. :slight_smile:

And here I was thinking 67 had the market cornered on team vehicles (at least until 1293 secures our partnership with Bugatti, which will hopefully include the Veyron 16.4).

…did I just say that out loud?


heh, i basicaly have a ford ranger now, mabue i can do that with my insurance money

Hey Billfred, it may not be for Team 67 we’re talking about here, but that’s sure Hot!!

Anywho… :rolleyes:

9 grand?? That’s not too bad. lol
Don’t actual Monster trucks go for something like $500,000 and then the maintenence costs for a years worth of competing drive that up double to a million bucks??

With those numbers, I say 9 grand for a monster truck is a bargain…

(And no, I’m not bidding on it no matter how nicely Tytus asks me) :stuck_out_tongue:

But… if it was located in Watertown, CT and not Watertown, Minnesota, I would go and take some more pics of it for 179’s sake. lol

Well, it’s not really a REAL monster truck with a tube frame and nitrogen shocks and a fiberglass body and a mid engine and all that. But it is cool nonetheless.

weren’t we always just gonna turn tytus’ car into the Swampthing vechilcle??

hee hee

are you sure that isn’t it, it’s a raised Ranger? Isn’t that a Nerf Gun under the front hood? Oh nvm its just the intake. :rolleyes: