For teams attending the North Carolina regional

Hi, I’m Lizie, a new PR for Team 122, the NASA Knights! We pit and stand scout with other teams every year for every competition. This method always turns out to be a beneficial work system for the teams involved. The first year that North Carolina had a regional, we scouted with some other attending teams. It was wonderful to meet the other teams and confer. It would be so nice if we could do it again this year! It would be fantastic if we could trade data base information before the events started. We use our own, but if you would like us to use the same software package as you, please let us know.
If any team attending the North Carolina regional is interested, please let us know, so we can plan to meet on the morning of Thursday, April 5th, of competition week. Cooperative scouting is always a great way to show “coopertition”!"

  Thank you! And good luck everyone!

Team 3540 is interested

There is going to be a wave of teams taking their talents to Raleigh from central Virginia. There will be an interesting set of rematches. Scouting usually comes together for us after ship, so we’ll see. Good luck 122.

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Hello! Team 2059 would love to work with you on this! Which software are you using so that we can stay continuous with you?

Team 587 is interested. The team is small this year and could definitely use some help scouting. We will contribute as much as we can.

What scouting system are you using?