For the first time ever, Sanddrag, appearing at the 2007 FIRST Championship!

I am proud to announce, that as long as all plans carry on forward, I will be making my first ever appearance at the 2007 FIRST Robotics Championship in Atlanta Georgia! I will be attending with team 696 also making their first ever (in 7 years of existence) trip to the championship! So, look for me wearing a hot pink T-shirt! I hope to see you all there! Picture of me to come soon.

It would be my pleasure to finally meet the famous Sanddrag. Can’t wait…

hmm in addition to this change, are you planning anything new, perhaps a WAI:p , congrats on coming to Atlanta guys…

I always want to meet any FIRSTer, see you at Nationals!

Arefin has the duct tape, I’ll bring the shaving cream and pie tins… :smiley:

And if we had a thread for every FIRSTer making their first trip to Atlanta, CD would be a very cluttered place.

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