For the Woodie Flowers Fan in All of Us...

TL;DR: Want Woodie Stuff, Go HERE.

With the exception of Dean, Woodie Flowers is easily and deservedly the most influential person in FIRST’s history. What is more, I believe that Woodie is second to none with regard to his shaping of the amazing and beautiful FIRST Culture.

Even without counting his work for FIRST, I consider Woodie to be a national treasure. I believe that with every fiber of my being.

All that to say, I suppose that many reading this share my admiration. If so, perhaps you will be interested in the following information.

Woodie Flowers donated several items to TJ^2 FIRST Robotics team to sell to support our team. They are featured on our team website (here).

On Jan 7th while our team is at kickoff, our parents are going run an “estate sale.” We have publiziced the sale on estate sale sites, but there are many items that only true FIRST fanatics may want as they were once owned and used by Woodie. I thought the sale might be of special interest to the Woodie Fan in all of us.

Among the treasures:

  • Own the chair that Dr. Woodie Flowers sat in!
  • Own the desk that Dr. Woodie Flowers used to create to many inspiring classes.
  • Own the meters used by Dr. Woodie Flowers in his lab
  • Own items that were special to Dr. and Mrs. Woodie Flowers
  • …the list goes on

See more here.

PM Liz Calef (the first Woodie Flowers Award winner not named Woodie Flowers) LCalef if you are interested in particular items (go to the this link, find her e-mail* and contact her that way).

Go there NOW. Items are one of a kind and won’t last long.

Dr. Joe J.

*brave woman that Liz

I was going to ask via PM, but would anyone on the team be willing to help with logistics for out of State persons that may be interested in buying a piece.
Current timing could make it a bit awkward to show up from out of state only to be outbid at the last second. Especially during FIRST season…

I can also understand the team not wanting to take on the responsibility for moving and storing of stuff until a later date.

I second that question. Maybe at least for small items that could be shipped? I would be happy to pay shipping and packaging cost.

Alot of cool STEAMpunky things in that estate sale!

A quick request: I’d really appreciate the pickup time being extended. Holding these available basically only during the Kickoff broadcast when the closest local kickoff is an hour away makes it tough to support.

+3. There’s some really cool stuff in here that I’d love to purchase.

So I talked to the team about some of the concerns and I think this will help those of us who are extremely busy kickoff day. Also any bids should be made to [email protected].

Local Teams: If you would like to participate, we can arrange a later date for you to come by and pick up your item.

Non Local Teams: We can arrange to ship the items to you, as long as the shipping costs are covered.

I know holding the auction on kickoff isn’t ideal, but its one of the only days in the near future that we have the space for it, and the all day parent support to run it.

Thank you! I think this will help everyone be able to bid on the items knowing that they can arrange to get the items shipped or picked up later. I think this will also greatly increase the participation and therefore you will get more out of the fundraiser for your team. This is a special opportunity.

Very important update!!!

Due to the impending snowstorm, the auction will be postponed. The auction will now conclude on Saturday 1/14 at noon.

If you would like more information please email Liz Calef ([email protected]).

Thank you!