For Those Vibrant Green/Pink Teams (Q&A Response)

This is the 4th year of vision targets. For the first time, these targets are truely active, and will be targeted for the entirety of the match. Straight from the GDC:

Yes, I know there are other threads on this. I just figured this new Q&A is pretty important, and may not if it was buried in another thread.

huh, thats funny. Do other shades of green and pink also distract it?

That depends on the setup for each individual team… a properly configured vision system should have a fairly narrow target range, but you never can be too sure! In generally, i would stay away from having pink or green on your bot… Although one would think the Bumpers would be fine, as the vision systems should all be pointing upwards.

i thought there would be something on this…afterall we got many teams with pink and green as their primary colors

Being they are specifying large areas we are currently planning on sticking with a green robot (with black highlights), only because the structural skeleton will be green. These are only 1" tube members that fill in the envelope. but there won’t be anything larger than that. I don’t think that will cause a problem. We have the camera working on our test bed and it seems to favor the largest blob near the color range moreso than a specific color over size. A swampthing just wouldn’t be a swampthing if it wasn’t green…

Hah we were kidding around about this being one of our strategies :stuck_out_tongue: