For those who were involed w/ the BTB

First off i would like to congragulate team 571, 61, and 1100, who played tough and fought through and prevailed. All three of those teams deserved it great job, and also to the finalists 178, 126, and 181, and also to the rest of the teams who made it today. Now to the main part of the post…

All of this (from what i’ve read and heard) would have not been possible if it had not been for Ms. Erin Rapacki, team 125, and Northeastern University. They did a magnificant job putting on this offseason event, and i really hope that it becomes one of the biggest off-season events, held annualy in a great city. I would also like to thank all of the volentueers(sp? this site really needs a spellchecker =P) and all of the referee’s for giving thier time and effort to make this a great event!

Ditto… Beantown Blitz was the first offseason event I’ve been to and it was another great F.I.R.S.T. Experience for me. I’d like to thank Northeastern University and Raytheon (best lunch EVER.) The entire competition was very well organized. What was up with those mysterious power outages on the field :confused: hmmm. Good luck next year to the teams that won and the teams that didn’t. What an enjoyable day! :slight_smile:

Speaking for most of the Volunteer’s I would like to thank Erin for getting an awesome event like this going. Also, I would like to thank all the teams for making the day run smoothly. Congrats to 61, 571, 1100. THey played wickid haad.

I hope the resetters were :some: entertainment. :wink:

nods and agrees


yes great job Erin!!

Also I would like to thank 571 and 1100! Great alliance partners! Hope to see you guys at other off season comps!!

I believe one of the reset people kicked the plug to the field out :slight_smile:

The computer system had an uninterruptable power system, and was on the same plug… so i didn’t figure out where the problem was until i heard the UPS beeping…

The other time i shut the power off on the field because a robot had knocked one of lights on the side of the field, and i wanted to make sure there was not a short on the light…

Awesome event, all the competitors did great!

Tom “the toolman” Schindler

Was that the match where in auto mode Team 126 kinda took apart the field ?:ahh:

yup it was

Ok i was pretty sure it was that one since i drove that match :smiley:

Great Job Erin!!
I had a blast. BTB has become * the * offseason event in it’s first year.
Great job, and thank you to everyone who helped out, inculding but not limited to, scoring, refing, field reset, annoucing, traffic flow, well everything.

It’s peanut butter jelly time!

Being a friend of Erin’s and a former team mate, i was really hoping that BTB would turn out to be a good offseason competition. However it surpased what i was hoping for, it was tons of fun and i cant wait until next year. Great job Erin, your hard work paid off, and thanks to all the hard working volunteers that put time and effort into keeping BTB running smoothly you did an incredible job as well.

~Gary St. Amant
~Team 175 BUZZ

Ok, so I wrote a really nice post and since my computer and CD don’t get allong sometimes (AAAAAHHHH!) it all got errased. So, this is the short version.

Erin’s awesome and BTB was a blast. Great announcers, food, people, teams, competition, arena, etc. The field problems were for varied reasons, but they weren’t too bad and didn’t really bring the competition down. My only suggestion would be a pit announcer so that queuers (like my self :wink: ) don’t have to run to each pit for every match.

Dare I say?..I’m debating which I like more - BTB or IRI!

Oh, and Dez will have a cool story about how he got to hit that huge red ‘kill all’ switch on order of the ref.