For your reading pleasure

Now that you have free time on your hands, perhaps a look at one page of one of the chapters from FIRST Robots: Rack 'n Roll might be in order. The latest book has a first class look and feel, thanks to the publisher’s ability to give the project extra attention.

The book will ship in March hopefully in time for folks to share it at the Regionals.

Thanks to all the teams who submitted info for the book.

I hope you like it - Vince

And another page…

Thanks for posting those.


I’m ready for my copy for sure! Thanks once again for taking the lead on such a very important project. I’d bet there are plenty of folks on these boards who are unaware of your incredible contributions to our community and to a better society. Thanks a ton for everything that you do. Your steadfast example means a lot.


Thank you for everything you’ve done on the book, it looks FANTASTIC! We can’t wait to put our order in. Hurray!!
Thanks again,
Becky H
Team 1987

I got my copy in the mail from Amazon today…

Too Cool…

I thought the cover looked “booring” online, but now I have one in my hands, I thinks it’s very cool with the silver page edges, and the magnetic snap closure.

Will there be another book published for the 2008 Season. 1319 has enjoyed the 2006 book and the 2007 one as well. We appreciate all the work done by those who put the book together.

I got mine the other day and it is a great book. I look forward to getting the ones in the years to come. However, I dont care for the magnetic closing at all.

I’m looking forward to getting my hands on one of these. Looks like it would make a great coffee table talking point for my non-FIRST guests. :slight_smile: